MMORPG Market Viability Discussion – WonderCon 2011

At Day 1 of WonderCon 2011, I asked the MMORPG Industry panel: is the MMORPG market viable? As I wrote last year, I have been concerned that Social Gaming could kill the Traditional MMORPG market.

It was awesome to hear the perspective of the panelists on my question. On the panel (in order of speaking):
– Scott Hartsman, Exec Producer, Rift
– Dirk Metzger, VP Publishing, Zentia
– Nick Huggett, Customer Experience Manager, Runes of Magic

I am encouraged by the launch of Rift thus far – Trion has shown that it *is* possible to deliver a high-polish, content-rich game at launch and that the industry is learning from recent spectacular failures.

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  1. […] a panel with Scott Hartsman (Exec Producer, RIFT), Dirk Metzger (VP Publishing, Zentia), about the viability of the MMORPG market given the past couple years and their responses were highly encouragi…. I also spoke with Scott after the panel about how Trion was able to launch a AAA-quality […]

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