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Interview with Senior Producer Josh Morris on Armored Warfare at GDC 2016

I sat down with Josh Morris at Game Developers Conference 2016 for an hour to discuss all things Armored Warfare (AW). Josh is the Senior Producer at and previously worked at Wargaming for three years as NA Producer for

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Producer Chris Hager on TERA’s Hitboxes, RMT, Events, and Political System

At GDC 2012, GAMEBREAKER writer Jason Winter and I attended a private session and hands-on boss fight demo in the En Masse Entertainment (EME) media booth. Afterwards, we spoke with EME’s Chris Hager, the Producer for NA TERA. Our discussion

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Interview: En Masse Entertainment COO Patrick Wyatt on Bringing TERA to the West

At GDC 2012, I interviewed En Masse Entertainment COO Patrick Wyatt on bringing TERA, a Korean MMORPG game, to the West (North America, Europe). Here are notable segments from our conversation: 1:02: respective roles of the developer (Bluehole Studio, BHS)

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Interview with SWTOR Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid @ NY Comic Con 2011

Our discussion covered a range of topics including: 1. race / class combinations 2. the number of classes that can main-tank / off-tank 3. concerns re: small PVE group size (4) for DPS players 4. viability of hybrids in PVE

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Interview with SWTOR Live Producer Cory Butler @ NY Comic Con 2011

Our discussion covered a range of topics including: 1.¬†ramping up server populations at launch 2. relationship with LucasFilm and honoring the IP 3. World PVP zone mechanics 4. BioWare’s “Telemetry” tools and testing 5. what differentiates SWTOR from the MMO

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