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EDIT (2011/12/18): quote entries must be posted by 11:59 pm PST on Monday December 19.

Over the weekend, I launched my Swag Shop over on CafePress.

As mentioned in my first SWTOR show, I’m running a Giveaway for one t-shirt from my shop.

Here’s how the Giveaway works:

  1. To participate in the Giveaway, post a comment on this article which contains your kick-ass quote that will go on the back of the t-shirt. Your choice of whether the quote is insightful / clever / funny / etc. If you tweeted the quote to me already, include a link to your tweet
  2. At my discretion, I’ll pick the winning quote and the lucky person who gets credit for it. In the case where multiple people tweeted the same winning quote and posted that quote here, I’ll consider the timestamps in making the pick
  3. That lucky person will receive from me a t-shirt product of their choice, with the quote on the back of the t-shirt
  4. That lucky person will need to PM me (on Twitter or TwitchTV) their mailing address information and the shirt design, color (if applicable), and size. I won’t use that info for any purpose other than sending you the t-shirt. I’ll ship to any destination as long as the cost of shipping does not exceed the cost of the shirt minus my $7 USD markup
  5. I’ll announce the lucky person via social media this month. If they don’t respond fast enough, I’ll pick someone else
  6. Remember, this is not a “contest”. This is a “giveaway” and I reserve to right to make any changes / decisions on how it works :)


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151 comments on “T-Shirt Giveaway
  1. Grakulen says:

    “If you can read this I’m staffing wrong”

  2. Dark_Of_Knight says:

    “No, you can’t be in my Guild”

  3. Dark_Of_Knight says:

    Wanted: Pocket Healer

  4. Dark_Of_Knight says:

    Will PwN for Food…

  5. Cas says:

    You once asked me in erm…Allods;

    “Are you all about PvP? I’m ALL about PvP!”

    Haha, I would buy a shirt if I wasn’t pennyless right now. :(

  6. “One does not simply strafe into Mordor”

  7. Dark_Of_Knight says:

    Curing Backpeddle One PvP Kill At A Time….

  8. Skargust says:

    “Backpedaling? I find your lack of skill disturbing.”
    “Use the key-binds, Luke.”
    “Strike me down, and I will respawn more quickly than you could possibly imagine.”
    “Aren’t you a little short for PvP?”
    “I suggest a new strategy, R2. Let Taugrim win.”

  9. Gozaru says:

    be pro ! break the CC !

  10. Daniel Tims says:

    From the Light-Or through the Darkness-We Stream Devotion
    From the Light-Or through the Darkness-We Stream Perfection
    From the Light-Or through the Darkness-We Stream “insert other variation”

  11. Tom Douglas says:

    May the Taugrim be with you….

  12. Chris Randall says:

    Chris Randall
    cr120575 Chris Randall
    @taugrim T-Shirt Slogan “If you can see this, I am not strafing correctly!”
    12 hours ago
    Retweeted by taugrim

  13. Iritus says:

    “Look, good against backpedaling is one thing, good against strafing, that’s something else.”

  14. Chris Randall says:

    Chris Randall
    cr120575 Chris Randall
    @taugrim T-Shirt Slogan “If you can see this, I am not strafing correctly!”
    12 hours ago
    Retweeted by taugrim

    Oops forgot the link, sorry….

  15. angie kalthoff says:

    “To back peddle is to admit defeat”

  16. Dark_Of_Knight says:

    EPIC T-Shirt (Hoodie), just add Mods…

  17. Daniel Tims says:



    Tunnel vision…disabled!

    [ Queue Group ]

  18. J. Johnston aka Oledurty says:

    Shirt Logo Taugrim ProTip- “Over extension = BAD!”

  19. Dark_Of_Knight says:

    Taking the l33t out of Elite.

  20. It’s dangerous to strafe alone. Here, take this: *picture of your keybindings as shown in the article about keybindings*

  21. Dodgycookies says:

    “To Whom it may Apply:

    Please restrain your urges to circle strafe around me when reading this message.


  22. Thordomr says:

    “Obi-Wan got the high ground cause Anakin turns with A and D.”
    “The Jedi got purged ’cause they’re clickers.”
    “Darth Sidious lost to Mace Windu cause he’s a back peddler.”
    “Vader beat the Emperor cause he gave up his back.”
    “Yoda was a Master…. At key binding!”

  23. Craig MacFarlane says:

    ‘Don’t crit me, bro!’


    ‘Stop crit’ing yourself!’

  24. John Doe says:

    I liked Cast’s “Play It Strafe” quote

  25. Jutty says:

    “Hold that pose.”

  26. Thomas Miele says:

    It is only the dead, that see the end of War ~ Pluto

    My online gaming handle has been War for the last 10 years cuz of my love for PvP. So the name is fitting ;)

  27. David Grimm says:

    “You Will Meet Your Fate On The Backpedal You Take To Avoid It”

  28. Lodestone7 says:


    (…to confuse anyone who does get behind me.)

  29. “I used to backpedal, but then I took an arrow in the knee.”

  30. Michalador says:

    @taugrim Back Peddling. Heh. Keyboard turning. Heh. A Jedi craves not these things.

  31. HtCRU says:

    “Strafe Wars: The Keybind Strikes Back”

  32. “Hokey religions and lame backpadelling are no substitute for skilled strafing”

  33. Trey says:


    Learn from the best or lose like the rest.

  34. Nykonis says:

    Oh look…a backpeddler…Darwin was correct.

  35. Rancherman says:

    Pick your top 10 and put them on the back of a shirt that says

    The top 10 reasons (that if i was strafing you couldn’t read) to pvp

  36. Jonathan says:

    I put the kick in kickass.

  37. Vik (@viknj) says:

    “Backstabs only hurt half as much when you’ve got Taugrim guarding you.”

    (As a side note, for the front I like: “If you can read this…YOU’RE IN RANGE.”)

  38. “These are not the strafers you are looking for *waveshand*”

  39. Craig says:

    “Maps and walls!”

  40. UnsungCesspool says:

    “No, you cannot use me as ‘Cover’!”

  41. Boozsha says:

    Two that I had tweeted yesterday.11 Dec

    @viknj @taugrim you put on the back of the shirt “if you can read this, I’m not strafing”.

    @taugrim how about a baby onesie “I Strafed my way out”

  42. Cland77 says:

    Stay back 50 feet….or else

    I would rather be PvPing

    You know what they say about guys with big axes

  43. Laratea says:

    I only read the first 50 so far but here’s one…

    “The Tau of gaming”

  44. Sinsun says:

    New Lightsaber 1000 credits
    New Robes 7000 credits
    New Speeder Bike 95000 credits……

    Forgetting to put on underwear while riding your speeder bike….. priceless.

  45. PvP: It’s not just for jerks anymore.

  46. Perry A says:

    I came. I saw. I tanked.

  47. Golo says:

    Strafing makes my world go round

  48. Gathbard says:

    No backpeddling allowed

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