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EDIT (2011/12/18): quote entries must be posted by 11:59 pm PST on Monday December 19.

Over the weekend, I launched my Swag Shop over on CafePress.

As mentioned in my first SWTOR show, I’m running a Giveaway for one t-shirt from my shop.

Here’s how the Giveaway works:

  1. To participate in the Giveaway, post a comment on this article which contains your kick-ass quote that will go on the back of the t-shirt. Your choice of whether the quote is insightful / clever / funny / etc. If you tweeted the quote to me already, include a link to your tweet
  2. At my discretion, I’ll pick the winning quote and the lucky person who gets credit for it. In the case where multiple people tweeted the same winning quote and posted that quote here, I’ll consider the timestamps in making the pick
  3. That lucky person will receive from me a t-shirt product of their choice, with the quote on the back of the t-shirt
  4. That lucky person will need to PM me (on Twitter or TwitchTV) their mailing address information and the shirt design, color (if applicable), and size. I won’t use that info for any purpose other than sending you the t-shirt. I’ll ship to any destination as long as the cost of shipping does not exceed the cost of the shirt minus my $7 USD markup
  5. I’ll announce the lucky person via social media this month. If they don’t respond fast enough, I’ll pick someone else
  6. Remember, this is not a “contest”. This is a “giveaway” and I reserve to right to make any changes / decisions on how it works :)


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151 comments on “T-Shirt Giveaway
  1. Golo says:

    How about some rock n roll reference:

    See me strafe on the wild side

    strafe the line

  2. Heres the link to my quote for swag!

  3. Saure001 says:

    “I used to be a jedi, but then I took an arrow to the knee”

  4. Kalekaekane says:

    Simple one here >>>>>>>

    “Index and Ring Finger”
    Enough Said

  5. MarkLIVE says:

    Awesome, this sounds like a cool giveaway. Let’s see if my 3am brain power can focus on a good quote:


    “Oh snap, I just got Tau-strafed”

    Tau-strafed (tao-stray-tf) – *verb* to be out strafed by someone who was taught under the Lord Taugrim


    Hopefully that is a winner, cause I know by wearing the shirt, I’ll have epic powers flowing through my body and have mad OP skills when battling epic PvP fights.

  6. Mongol says:

    Nerf Herders they are OP

    • Mongol says:

      Let the Taugrim win

    • Mongol says:

      It’s a trap!

      I’ll be strafing, you’ll be dead

      I have the death sentence on 12 systems

      The strafe is strong with this one

      Help me strafe Taugrim, your my only hope

      I find your lack of strafe disturbing

      – Man I can do this all day lol Taugrim

  7. Skraag says:

    Taugrim: The gateway drug to PvP

  8. Dark_Of_Knight says:

    “Live to Strafe, Strafe to Live”

  9. idea for a coffeemug!

    “Strafe to mouth”

  10. Jay Rono says:

    Quote: “May the Taug guide you to strafety!”

  11. Michael Stevens says:

    “im here to strafe and chew bubble gum….and im all out of bubble gum”

    “Wall of text crits you for 10,000 damage”

    “By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a strafer.”

  12. Here is mine:

    @taugrim Strafe, or not strafe. There is no turn.— Chris Delgado (@Chris_H_Delgado) December 11, 2011

  13. Jason says:

    “I find your lack of strafe…. disturbing”. Originally quoted on twitter a day or two ago. :/ Missed out on the excitement here

  14. Michael Stevens says:

    posted one earlier but heres one more ” you can call me the bus driver, cause im taking everybody to school”

  15. Twoheadstalking says:

    “The QQ is strong in you.”

    Yes I just got annoyed by in game chat >.>

  16. Michael Stevens says:

    ok now i got it “your handicapped cause your not Korean”

  17. Ike says:

    Pee V Pee is my aim
    Yours will help

  18. Ike says:

    this made more sense

    Pee V Pee is my aim
    Your aim will help

  19. Dodgycookies says:

    I’m spamming spacebar in my head right now…so stop yapping and get to the point already.

  20. Andseb says:

    “I pwn the fool who backpedals!”

  21. blazingbod says:

    pvp in swtor, backpedal no more !

  22. Taugrim Keybinds- Alt + Ctrl+Elite

  23. Atomicdog71 says:

    “I won MVP in a War Zone, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

  24. Mongol says:

    I used to strafe like Taugrim, but then I took a blaster to the knee

  25. Mens shirt- Massive PVPness

    Womens shirt- Like my Crits?

  26. Have you /hug your healbot today?

  27. Sylphura says:

    “Being skilled doesn’t require a background.”

  28. Nibirue says:

    Put the “Return to medcenter” logo on the back :)

  29. Nibirue says:

    “I <3
    In the style of the I heart NY t-shirts. With of course, all the appropriate sith icons to add flavor. (heart is themed with empire logo, etc.)

  30. Metzgerov says:

    “Taugrim’s Dojo of Zen PVP”

  31. Metzgerov says:

    “Dojo of Zen PVP and MMORPG ProTips”

  32. Metzgerov says:

    Home of MMORPG Zen PVP & ProTips

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  35. Daniel says:

    No, I haven’t rolled a Republic PvP character. I wonder why?

    (Insert picture of Sith lightning here )

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