T-Shirt Giveaway Goes To…

Here are select humorous quotes that were submitted in the T-Shirt Giveaway article, in the order they were posted:

  • “You must unlearn what you have learned” (Patrick Glover)
  • “If you can see this then you strafed correctly” (Shin)
  • “Backpedaling? I find your lack of skill disturbing” (Skargust)
  • “No! Try not. Strafe, or strafe not. There is no try” (Tim Langenberg)
  • “The strafe is strong with this one” (Mongol)

There was no guideline that quotes had to be about Star Wars, but I guess it was to be expected that dozens of SWTOR-related quotes were submitted given that the game is launching today.

Here is the quote I picked for the t-shirt giveaway:

“I find your lack of strafe disturbing”

For that quote, there is a complication!

As I posted on the Giveaway article, here’s how it works:

  1. To participate in the Giveaway, post a comment on this article which contains your kick-ass quote that will go on the back of the t-shirt. Your choice of whether the quote is insightful / clever / funny / etc. If you tweeted the quote to me already, include a link to your tweet
  2. At my discretion, I’ll pick the winning quote and the lucky person who gets credit for it. In the case where multiple people tweeted the same winning quote and posted that quote here, I’ll consider the timestamps in making the pick

I setup the Giveaway that way to make my life easy. Comments posted here are easy to track / manage and aren’t buried in a mass of unrelated tweets.

The quote was originally tweeted to me back on December 10th by nova_squad. I waited several days for that person to post their quote on the Giveaway article, even hinted to that person via PM to do so since the quote was so funny, but no dice.

The only person to post the winning quote is Mongol, and therefore he gets the free t-shirt. For full disclosure, Mongol is in my guild. I gave him no information that would have caused him to submit the entries that he posted.

Congratulations Mongol!

Please PM me the following on Twitter or TwitchTV:

  1. Which t-shirt design, size, and color you want
  2. Your name and mailing address (info only used to send you the t-shirt)

However, since it is the holiday season, I’m giving nova_squad a chance to receive a free t-shirt. nova_squad, here’s what you need to do:

  • Post a comment on this article by 12:59am PST today (Dec 20th) – i.e. you have just over 3 hours
  • Follow the instructions I posted for Mongol above

Thanks everyone for participating, it was riot reading all the submissions, and enjoy the SWTOR launch :)

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10 comments on “T-Shirt Giveaway Goes To…
  1. Well congrats to Mongol and I hope nova_squad gets their butt over here to post! Go nova_squad go!

  2. Turns out @Nova_Squad is an idiot. I can say that because I’m Nova_Squad. I made one of the classic blunders–I failed to pay attention. I forgot that Taugrim didin’t know to connect “Nova Squad” on twitter with “Hokanu” on Taugrim.com. My twitter is oriented around my SWTOR guild.

    I hereby yeild all prizes to those listed above. Mongol deserves the prize because he paid attention and posted correctly. I’m delighted that my attempt at satire was so well recieved. That’s plenty good for me! If I could ask for an alternate prize, it would be to mention my PvE guild and server at some point. (I know, we’re PvE carebears, but still follow the path of the Taugrim!)

  3. Trey says:

    Grammar Nazi here…

    “I find your lack of strafe disturbing” is not proper English.

    “I find your lack of strafing disturbing” would be correct, but sounds terrible. Strafe is not a noun. Just sayin’.

    • Skargust says:

      Yeah, I was actually going to post that, but I wanted to put “strafing” , which does indeed sound terrible. Congradulations to Mongol, and mad props to Taugrim for doing the giveaway in the first place.

  4. Mongol says:

    Thanks Taugrim for having this giveaway. You have helped so many people, including myself, learn to be better players in multiple games. I am happy that I discovered your blog back when you were running your prot pally, shaman 2v2 combo. Instantly watching one of your videos I knew that you were making your videos to teach others not just to show off how good you are, and that’s what I liked the most you are very humble in your narration. I am happy to see you on Game Breaker TV and hope you continue to gain such positive notoriety.

  5. badactionhiro says:

    I know this is way too late…but i just thought of it…

    “Strafe to the Dark Side”

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