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The RIFT Podcast 38 Captures Trion’s Perspective on Patch 1.1

The Rift community has been an interesting beast. When Patch 1.1 went live, the forums were flooded with threads by players claiming that their class had been unfairly nerfed, especially players of my Warrior spec Riftblade. I have been skimming

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MMORPG Market Viability Discussion – WonderCon 2011

At Day 1 of WonderCon 2011, I asked the MMORPG Industry panel: is the MMORPG market viable? As I wrote last year, I have been concerned that Social Gaming could kill the Traditional MMORPG market. It was awesome to hear

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Q&A with Trion Regarding Rift at WonderCon 2011

At WonderCon 2011, I caught up with 3 of Trion’s employees, Exec Producer Scott Hartsman and Community Managers Elrar and Zann, about their recently-launched MMORPG Rift. Transcript For full disclosure, these were questions I came up with on the spot,

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