Video of an Awesome Nordenwatch Scenario (Patch 1.3b)

Last night I participated in an awesome PUG Nordenwatch scenario. I’ve been waiting to find a closely-contested scenario to make a video of, and this scenario was a perfect fit :)

As I said in the video, I was highly skeptical of Patch 1.3b, but to my pleasant surprise, the patch has greatly improved WAR’s playability. Prior to Patch 1.3b, AoE damage was way too powerful. This caused a lot of fights to degenerate into cheese-fests, where 2-3 characters spamming AoE in the same spot could wipe out a group of opponents. It was incredibly lame, required no skill, and was frustrating for both sides. Now the game requires coordinated focus-fire to burn down opponents. The other significant change in Patch 1.3b was the increase to immunity timers. This was a much-needed change, as CC was too powerful and created a negative game-play experience.


  • With the increased AP cost and decreased damage of Wrath of Hoeth, be careful using it too much, esp on single targets. A few times in the video, I used it on successive cycles on single targets (e.g. on the Choppa at the beginning of the video), and it’s a mistake to do so. Against single targets, you want to use WoH enough to keep the debuff up, but other than that, abilities such as Eagle’s Flight, Quick Incision, and Intimidating Blow are better bang for your buck

Video errata:

  • I said that I had tried “speccing without Khaine, but I miss Protection of Hoeth too much”. What I meant was that I have tried “speccing without Hoeth, but I miss Protection of Hoeth too much”. Without PoH, the SM balance mechanic feels too stiff. With PoH, an SM has the ability to get into any balance without a target
  • Zealot AoE punt is a class not morale ability

P.S. I recorded the footage in FRAPS with the full-size setting instead of half-size setting, which is normally what I use. Let me know if you find the video quality to be noticably better than my previous videos.

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4 comments on “Video of an Awesome Nordenwatch Scenario (Patch 1.3b)
  1. vaen says:

    Awesome vid, what are your H/K spec like, tactics/morale.

  2. vaen says:

    thx, you’re an inspiring sm =p

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