Now Playing Destruction on Iron Rock

I’ve been playing Order on the role-play server Phoenix Throne (PT) exclusively since the game’s Head Start back last September.

Tier 4 RVR on PT has been pretty dead the past couple weeks. The Destruction faction on PT has taken hits in terms of numbers of players and morale. Many Destruction players on PT are frustrated with class imbalance and have quit the game; check out the discussion threads started by me and by Beccala asking PT players what they thought about the WAR’s current class balance in Patch 1.3.

It’s been really boring when I’m on my Swordmaster. Sometimes I have to go to multiple zones to find opponents to fight.

After reading the posts on the threads linked to above, I created a 2nd account on a trial basis and rolled a Black Orc (BO) on PT. I did this for multiple reasons:

  • I wanted to continue to support the server
  • I’d rather fight on the outnumbered side
  • I wanted to see the class balance from the other side. I’d also prefer to play on the side with weaker classes, if I do find that Destruction classes are weaker as a whole
  • I wanted, in a little way, to help out with the numbers imbalance on PT

Unfortunately, Tier 1 RVR on PT was very slow. Scenarios would take 15-30 minutes to pop, and I am unwilling to level a character via PVE, as I’ve had my fill of that from other games. So I made the hard decision to try Destruction on another server.

I looked around on the server forums and ended up rolling on Iron Rock (IR). The Tier 1 activity on IR is awesome: scenarios pop quickly, the ORVR is active, and I heard that Destruction is outnumbered in Tier 4. It turns out that a lot of players from PT have also rolled characters on IR.

If you’re playing on IR, gimme a shout. My main Destruction character is a Shaman named Taugrim. Shaman videos are coming soon! :)

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8 comments on “Now Playing Destruction on Iron Rock
  1. Nado says:

    Hey, good stuff Taugrim. I’m soo tired of wow, i’m installing WAR right now, its going through the patches. lol 75% right now. anyways i remembered ur videos from SM when i played order at the release of the game, but quit for wotlk. Now i’m going back and looked u up to see wht was going on in war, and cuz i haven’t played destro, i’m going to roll destro on Iron rock. w/e i hate leaving comments. its like leaving phone messages for me. :) thanks for the awesome vids and narrations.!!

    • taugrim says:

      It sucks waiting for a game to finish downloading / patching, esp when you’re itching to play. LOL.

      See you on Iron Rock. I’m in Tier 2 now and it’s been a blast.

      1.3b + Iron Rock RVR = win

  2. Artharian says:

    I also recently rolled destro on Iron Rock after being bored by the lack of activity in T4 on Phoenix Throne. So far Iron Rock has been great. Scenario pops are constant even in the early morning and I hear good things about the action in T4. I have been trying out a bunch of different classes, but haven’t figured out which class I am going to stick with yet.

    If you are looking for anybody to play with on IR I have a couple of toons that just made it to T2 and a couple more almost there. I will most likely be on Artharian – BG, Zoggi – Shaman, or Zembli – SH.

  3. Ogrethree says:

    Hey taugrim nice videos. You should reroll dark crag destro. We got like 40 PT rerolls there in the same guild. Got some Irony, Oblit, BDM. Check it out. its called limited edition.

  4. Ogrethree says:

    Downhill in the sense that order is a zergfest there and there are not enough organized destruction groups who are willing to stop them. The t1-t3 scenarios pop super quick. And t4 i just got into so I’m not really sure about scenario pops. Pretty much we plan to impact the server and give order some competition. We as a guild have a pretty good showing of the best players on PT (-taugrim) :D. We are already starting to impact t4… but it will be a few weeks until we start to really push them out of IC. Still have some new people leveling up so you wouldnt be to far behind! Already our guild limited edition is starting to get some recognition, we are topping the leaderboards in kills and scenario wins. We really have some good players from PT too, like mez, shineobi (my brother lol), and even some PT destruction rerolls. Its a lot of fun. you should try it out!

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