RIFT PVP Video: Pre-Kiting and Strafe-Kiting FTW

There has been a lot of controversy since Patch 1.5 launched. One of the common arguments I’ve read on the RIFT PVP & Warfronts forum is that “RDPS are squishy and need(ed) survivability buffs.”

Yesterday I decided to record the first full Codex warfront I got into, then break down the footage to see how opposing players and I managed our survivability.

In particular, I was looking for the following:
1. proper pre-kiting: anticipating situations, finding a good spot to DPS/heal from that offers excellent field-of-fire with some defensibility (e.g. standing near a pillar or on a cliff, flanking opponents, etc)
2. proper strafe-kiting: running sideways under fire to escape to create a gap and using terrain to your advantage – as opposed to facetanking, backpedaling, or turning and running away
3. proper use of emergency cooldowns to get out of bad situations

Here’s the video with commentary:

This HD video is the 4th video of my “M*A*S*H” Justicar/Shaman/Warden Cleric melee healing spec at level 50. I queued solo for this warfront.

For more information on M*A*S*H, check out my in-depth M*A*S*H PVP Guide.

Check out the discussion threads for this video on the GAMEBREAKER forum and on the RIFT official PVP & Warfronts forum.

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5 comments on “RIFT PVP Video: Pre-Kiting and Strafe-Kiting FTW
  1. =D says:

    You never fail to disappoint. I have been following your blog since your prot pally days and needless to say, you make me want to play this game again. I’m sick of grinding stuff, need it be battlegrounds or warfronts. Keep the videos and discussions coming! I always look forward to your updates! =D

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  3. Nate says:

    Did anyone laugh at 02:59 where some pawned fellow yells “F*** YOU DWARF”

  4. =D says:

    Now that I rewatched it, I laughed pretty hard! hehehe

  5. dzejkej says:

    Great video as always. Thanks! :)

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