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Taugrim Daily #3: My Solution for Making Rogues Viable for Sustained PVP Combat

Today’s video contains my solution for re-designing Rogue classes in MMORPGs so that they are viable in sustained PVP combat. Rogues across games tend to do well in 1v1 and small-scale combat, but where Rogues fall down from a mechanics

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RIFT PVP Video: Pre-Kiting and Strafe-Kiting FTW

There has been a lot of controversy since Patch 1.5 launched. One of the common arguments I’ve read on the RIFT PVP & Warfronts forum is that “RDPS are squishy and need(ed) survivability buffs.” Yesterday I decided to record the

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RIFT Cleric PVP Video: Volume 7: Stayin’ Alive in Patch 1.5

This HD video is narrated PVP footage of my “M*A*S*H” Justicar/Shaman/Warden Cleric melee healing spec in Patch 1.5, from a Codex warfront. This is my 3rd video for M*A*S*H at level 50, and I talk about how I’ve dealt with

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Trion Dropped the Ball With RIFT Patch 1.5 PVP

I have been a huge advocate of Trion’s MMORPG RIFT on my blog (including two in-depth class guides), on the official forums, in social media, and as a host on GAMEBREAKERTV’s weekly RIFT show The Sanctum. I have supported the

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Rift Rogue PVP Video: Volume 1: Marksman / Ranger / Riftstalker @ 12

This HD video is narrated PVP footage of my level 12 Rogue in a Black Garden warfront (queued solo) in the MMORPG Rift, Patch 1.11. Here is the spec used in the video: (Note that for the 10-19 bracket

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