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WTF Happened to SWTOR – TaugVlog Ep. 2

The big news for SWTOR this week was the 2nd round of layoffs at BioWare and the exit of Executive Producer Rich Vogel. I break down what’s happened to SWTOR from a business perspective and the gamer’s perspective since the

Posted in Business Analysis, Game Design, League of Legends, SWTOR, Video, Vlog

Mesmer Wins the BWE3 Viewer Poll – TaugVlog Ep. 1

We have a winner! Mesmer is the class that the most people want to see me play in GW2 BWE3, per the informal Twitter poll I ran over the weekend: I looked at the Mesmer talent calculator to theorycraft

Posted in Game Design, Guild Wars 2, Mesmer, PVP, Video, Vlog
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