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YouTube Monetization for Guild Wars 2 is a Non-Issue – TaugVlog Ep. 7

What Happened The following thread, regarding monetizing GW2 videos on YouTube, created a huge uproar in the community: An ArenaNet employee wrote: You cannot use the monetization system for YouTube or other services. In order words, you cannot make

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Why the Fanbois Don’t Get It – TaugVlog Ep. 6

In this video, I discuss why the fanbois don’t get it. #1: Fanbois miss the broader context. Fanbois tend to advocate one game to the exclusion of others. That’s short-sighted. It’s important for multiple games to be successful at any

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Dinged 10k Subscribers, 4k on Twitter – TaugVlog Ep. 5

I wanted to share two “achievements” I’ve reached: 10,000 subscribers on YouTube 4,000 followers on Twitter Thanks for your advocacy, encouragement, and feedback :) To celebrate these milestones with you, I’m running giveaways on Twitter. If you are the first

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Initial Thoughts on SWTOR’s F2P Model – TaugVlog Ep. 4

I share my initial feedback on the planned F2P model for SWTOR, based on the FAQs and the subscription-vs-free comparison chart provided by BioWare: This is a huge transition for SWTOR, BioWare, and EA, so hopefully they get

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Top 5 PVP Design Flaws – TaugVlog Ep. 3

I discuss my top 5 design flaws for PVP combat of MMORPGs. In reverse order, they are…drum roll please… #5: 50% healing debuffs E.g. Mortal Strike for pre-Cataclysm Arms Warrior in WoW. When 50% healing debuffs are part of a

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