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Aion PVE Video: Comparing 33 Chanter vs 33 Sorcerer

Here is footage of my 33 Chanter and 33 Sorcerer in PVE, fighting against the same 34-35 Klaw mobs. This is as close to an apples-to-apples comparison that I could get between different classes, in terms of having the same

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Aion Advances the MMORPG Out-of-Game Experience

It’s been fascinating to watch the increasing level of real-time visibility of MMORPG content outside of the game. One of the first advances made by game developers in this regard was to provide player and guild profiles on the web.

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Aion’s Customer Support Came Through For Me

Yesterday, I was thinking about canceling my subscription to Aion. That would have been unusual for me, as I’ve leveled to end-game in the past 3 MMORPGs that I’ve played (WoW, LOTRO, WAR). I leveled my Aion Sorcerer to 33.

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The Implications of the Aion Population Distribution on PVP

This morning while reading legion (guild) chat, I was struck by the different experiences our players were having. One of our two level 50 guildees was expressing how bored he was; he couldn’t find people to run instances with. I

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My First 7 Weeks Playing Aion

It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been waiting til I had good PVP footage to post on YouTube before I wrote more articles here, and on top of that I’ve been very busy in real life, but

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