Guide to Allods Online’s Melee Healer Class Mechanics

This is a guide for the Melee spec for the Healer class in Allods Online.

Revision History

  • 2010 March 28: because of the issue with Holy Avenger, dropped 3/3 Holy Avenger and 3/3 Bearer of Light to free up 6 rubies to take Divine Foresight. Updated ruby grid images and link to calculator
  • 2010 March 19: added 3rd PVP video and updated the content for Holy Avenger and Condemnation. HA-generated Fanaticism buffs do not proc Brilliant Faith heals
  • 2010 March 12: added links to my narrated PVP videos
  • 2010 March 9: updated the ruby progression numbered chart, fixed some tooltip descriptions, and added section re: PVP
  • 2010 March 3: updated the ruby progression numbered chart to get Banished Words at 23 for Holy Lands PVPVE
  • 2010 February 27: added the ruby progression numbered chart and commented on Perpetual Healing
  • 2010 February 23: added more content to the tips for beginners
  • 2010 February 20: added tips for beginners
  • 2010 February 19: clarified that all our damage is affected by the same set of stats. Updated names of abilities and rubies to match to the in-game tooltips
  • 2010 February 17: updated names of talents and rubies and their descriptions per in-game tooltips and updates to calculator. Also made 1 change to the filler ruby placement in the Cleansing Flame tree
  • 2010 February 12: posted original version

1. Melee Healer Class Mechanics

In AO, Melee Healers (MH) are viable because of 4 synergistic mechanics:

  1. Their two core melee abilities (Verdict and Holy Rage) have a chance to apply a stacking buff called Fanaticism, and each time the buff stacks it generates an AOE party heal and decreases the cast time of non-instant-cast spells by 0.5 sec
  2. They can deliver excellent melee burst damage with 2h weapons
  3. They have multiple ranged CC abilities (snare, knockdown, mez, and silence) which are great counters against kiters and runners
  4. They have very good survivability – thanks to plate armor, self-heals, and a bubble

The closest analogy to an AO MH is a WAR Warrior Priest (melee-based healing) blended with a WoW Retribution Paladin (plate armor + bubble + burst).

To give you an idea what a MH is capable of, check out this video of a level 40 MH:

Video of 40 Melee Healer (Russian AO) – not Taugrim

It’s important to note that unlike games such as WAR and Aion, AO does not have a consistent auto-face opponent mechanic. So in AO a skilled meleer can circle-strafe an opponent, just as the player in the video did.

Here are the downsides to the MH spec:

  1. The spec is incredibly mana-intensive
  2. It lacks the burst healing and sustained healing of a healing-centric Healer spec (duh!)
  3. It has limited nuke capability. Its damage mechanics require the MH to get up close and personal

The spec I’m going to describe below is a MH with strong DoT/HoT capability. Here is a link to the spec on a spec calculator:

2. Talents

In AO, there are two ways you spec your character: via talents (abilities) and rubies (buffs and procs for talent abilities, new abilities, passive defenses, etc). Here is my endgame talent tree:

Specific abilities:

  • 1/3 Holy Blast: this is a caster DPS spell and you automatically have 1 point in it. No reason to invest more points in it
  • 3/3 Verdict: the first of our two core melee abilities
  • 3/3 Cleansing Flame: ranged (spammable) instant-cast DoT. I’ll go either 2/3 or 3/3. Some MH specs do not max this out
  • 0/3 Spiritual Focus: grants immunity to spell casting interruption and buffs the next spell or heal
  • 0/3 Devoted Plea: this is the bread-and-butter cast-time heal, but most of this spec’s healing will be generated from melee abilities and instant-cast heals. It is worth investing 1 point in this ability early in the game so that you have an on-demand heal as you level up to 40
  • 3/3 Blind Faith: ranged 5 sec snare and disorient, 21 sec cooldown with 3 points and rubies (see next section). Surprisingly useful in PVE and incredible in PVP
  • 1/3 Heavenly Smite: 1 point just to get this ability because it is a ranged AOE knockdown. It has a fixed 4.5 sec cast but with 9 stacks of Fanaticism buffs this becomes instant-cast
  • 3/3 Holy Shield: 12 sec invulnerability bubble on a 3 min cooldown with 3 points
  • 1/3 Calming Prayer: 1 point just to get this mana regen ability
  • 3/3 Perpetual Healing: maxed out (spammable) instant-cast HoT
  • 0/3 Resurrection: it’s not usable in combat. At endgame you can complete a World Mystery to get an AOE rez, at which point you don’t need this ability any more. I did end up putting 1/3 Resurrection to have a rez for grouping
  • 3/3 Holy Rage (HR): the second of our two core melee abilities. What’s nasty about HR is that it creates a stacking buff which increases the ability’s damage by 10% and mana cost by 20%. This is what you see generating huge crits in MH videos. This ability requires a ton of mana to use so it’s best to spend talent points here last
  • 3/3 Divine Prayer: maxed out emergency instant-cast heal. Very mana inefficient but it complements the mobile playstyle
  • 1/3 Purification: removes a debuff
  • 1/3 Holy Rejuvenation: 1 point to get the ability. This is a large burst heal with a fixed 6 sec cast time but remember that Fanaticism buffs reduce the cast time
  • 1/3 Binding Light: this is a mez ability. 1 point just to get the ability, to complement our arsenal. Should be very valuable in small-scale PVP and gapping an opponent

3. Rubies (0/22/16)

As discussed above, rubies are used to obtain buffs and procs for talent abilities, new abilities, passive defenses, etc.

Here is my endgame ruby spec (note I do not put any points in the Holy Blast tree):

Specific Verdict tree rubies:

  • 3/3 Blessed Steel: +30% to physical damage. Our two core melee abilities are physical
  • 2/3 Ray of Light: when health is < 50%, healing received is increased by 20%
  • 1/1 Banished Words: 6 sec silence ability, with a 21 sec cooldown with 3/3 Condemnation (see below)
  • 3/3 Power of Faith: reduces cooldown of our two core melee abilities by 20%
  • 2/2 Devout Servant: increases the chance for Verdict and HR to proc a Fanaticism buff by 20%
  • 3/3 Divine Instincts: increases Dodge by 100% with a 2h weapon
  • 3/3 Condemnation: reduces cooldowns for Blind Faith, Binding Light, and Banished Words by 30%. This is one of our best rubies, don’t underestimate it1
  • 3/3 Brilliant Faith: when Fanaticism buff procs, it generates a party heal

As you can see, Power of Faith and Devout Servant synergize to increase the number of party heal procs with Brilliant Faith. That combination of rubies is what makes this build tick.

Specific Cleansing Flame tree rubies:

  • 3/3 Surge of Faith: +45% increase to output of HoT and DoT abilities
  • 3/3 Illuminated Mind: +15% to Wisdom which reduces the target’s armor and increases our mana pool and regen
  • 3/3 Enlightenment: +15% to Intelligence stat, which drives all our damage (both physical and light damage types) and healing
  • 1/3 Ascension: 1 point to get the self-buff that increases our crit chance by 200% and reduces threat by 200%
  • 2/4 Blaze of Faith: filler rubies. Note that Guardian of Faith only works against demons, so I don’t take it
  • 3/4 Unshakeable Faith: +15% to Faith, which drives all our healing
  • 1/1 Divine Foresight: creates an auto-heal on the target when their health drops to 35% or less. This can save the target in situations when damage taken would have dropped the target’s health to 0. Note that the mana is spent on casting the buff not when the heal procs, and each time the cooldown expires you can place the buff on an additional target

Some MH specs invest points in the Holy Smite tree to get the ability Entreaty, which is an excellent instant-cast self-heal on a 30 sec cooldown, instead of Divine Foresight. However, I don’t like like the 4 required rubies to get to Entreaty.

4. Melee Healer Stats

As a caster class, the following stats affect our damage:

  • Intelligence increases our damage (and healing)
  • Luck affects our % to crit and % to have a glancing blow (i.e. an anti-crit)
  • Perception reduces our chance to miss and the target’s chance to dodge/block/parry
  • Wisdom reduces the target’s armor (mitigation)

Another important stat for Healers is Faith, which affects how much “wound complexity” our heals ignore. There is an excellent thread on the Allods Online forum that describes the mechanics of the these 5 stats.

It’s important to note that regardless what abilities you use (melee or ranged, physical vs spell damage, etc), the stat mechanics are the same. E.g. Intelligence increases our damage for melee abilities and for spells. I think this was a great design choice by the developer as it simplifies the game.

The conventional wisdom among Closed Beta testers is to keep stats balanced, so you don’t want to go overboard on stacking any one stat (e.g. Intelligence).

dchipeev, a veteran poster on the AO forums, recommends the following stats (excluding Luck):

Perception = Wisdom > Faith = Intelligence

miwacho points out that Wisdom and Luck are rare stats on Healer gear.

okokomo recommends the following rules of thumb:

Perception: 10% chance for dodge/block/parry

Intelligence: 10% for damage bonus

Luck: 10% chance for glancing blow chance

I’m planning on spending my stat points 75% on Wisdom and 25% on Luck. Your mileage may vary!

5. Ability Rotations

I would cast the HoT and DoT abilities before engaging in melee and refresh them as needed. Melee attack spam would be mostly HR and Verdict.

Use of CCs would be dictated by the situation. We can use our snare (Blind Faith) and silence (Banished Words) frequently due to their relatively short cooldowns against casters and kiters. Our AOE knockdown (Heavenly Smite) has no cooldown – it just has a long cast time of 4.5 sec but with enough Fanaticism buffs stacked that won’t matter. Keep in mind that Heavenly Smite can be “pre-casted” without a target so that when you cast it with a target it’s instant-cast. Our mez (Binding Light) is a great oh-crap CC against humanoids.

In tight situations we can use our bubble (Holy Shield) and / or instant-cast self-heal (Divine Prayer).

6. Other Game Mechanic Considerations

As you probably know, AO is a F2P (free-to-play) game with a CS (cash shop) from which players can buy in-game items with real money.

One of the CS items is a consumable called incense, which increases the player’s max HP for 30 minutes. Many players are unhappy that this item exists because the HP buff is regarded as essential for some endgame PVE encounters and makes a huge difference in survivability in PVP.

For PVP, classes that can meaningfully heal themselves, such as MHs, will probably be less impacted by not using incense than classes that can’t heal themselves. In most games healers stack enough HP to survive a reasonable amount of burst, then they focus on other stats. So if you are concerned about incense and don’t plan to quest for it or buy it from the CS, a healing class may be a wise choice for you.

7. Class Tips for Leveling

Stat Points Allocation

I recommend putting 75% into Wisdom and 25% into Luck, because those stats are rare on gear relative to Intelligence, Perception, and Faith.

Talent Progression

I recommend the following talent point progression through level 12, which enables you to kill quickly while still being able to heal in groups:

  • Verdict 2
  • Devoted Plea 1 – it’s worth taking this heal for leveling because without it you have no healing whatsoever until the upper teens. Useful all the way to 40 because it’s a spammable heal and generates Fanaticism proc heals
  • Verdict 3
  • Cleansing Flame 2
  • Cleansing Flame 3

After level 12, you have the option of taking Blind Faith, Heavenly Smite, or Holy Shield. I took Holy Shield 1 then Heavenly Smite 1. However BF has surprisingly strong utility in PVE so I would recommend getting BF 2 before obtaining either Holy Shield or Heavenly Smite. BF 2 has a 1 min cooldown but CC’s a mob for 10 or 15 seconds, which is a long time, and you can continue to DPS on that mob without breaking the effect. Definitely get BF3 by level 25 if you can for PVP in Holy Land.

Perpetual Healing is available as early as level 18 and it’s a very good HoT.

Ruby Progression

Here is the order of rubies I recommend taking:

  • Divine Instincts 1-3: the Dodge bonus is good so this is not a useless talent by any means
  • Power of Faith 1-3: the mana cost and cooldown reductions do work, even though the cooldown isn’t reflected in the tooltip; see my comment below to Kikiz
  • Brilliant Faith 1-3
  • Blessed Steel 1 in the upper-right hand corner
  • Devout Servant 1
  • Banished Words
  • Devout Servant 2
  • Blessed Steel 2
  • Condemnation 1-3: these rubies are key for lowering the cooldowns of our CC. You could take these before Blessed Steel 2. Depends whether you want more CC or more damage first
  • Ray of Hope 1-2
  • Blessed Steel 3

At level 23, you will have Banished Words for the silence which is key for PVP. I managed to get two World Mystery rubies (I think via clearing Dark Citadel and all but the last boss of Castle Blight) which enabled me to get Condemnation 3 by level 26.

Once you fill out the Verdict tree, it’s up to you whether you pursue Divine Foresight or Ascension first in the Cleansing Flame tree.

Gear and Healing

It’s totally worth getting the blue reputation gear at level 10 and throughout the leveling process. What you can do is quest until you are close to hitting level 10, then do the rep repeatables (e.g. the flour quest on League side) to get to 25k rep. I had to run the flour quest 9 times to get to 25k rep and it took about 20 minutes – boring but well worth it. It’s easy to solo heal the first level 10 instance (e.g. Oreshek on League side) even as a Melee Healer so long as you have DP1 and the level 10 blue rep gear. With the level 10 blue rep gear you gain a massive improvement in your ability to heal, because the gear boosts your Faith into the upper 40s (or higher) which causes your heals to land more effectively.

For leveling 2h is the way to go. I tried alternating 1h and 2h on the same mobs and the difference in kill speed was very noticeable. Once you reach level 18 you can obtain the talent Perpetual Healing which tips the scales even more in favor of 2h as the HoT will keep your HP high.

8. PVP

Instead of writing out a detailed description of PVP, please watch the narrated PVP videos I have posted on this blog. If a picture is word a thousand words, a narrated video is worth a million :)

Melee Healer PVP Video @ Level 25

Melee Healer PVP Video @ Level 26-27

Melee Healer PVP Video @ Level 31-33

If you have feedback/comments/questions on my MH spec, please post ’em!

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199 comments on “Guide to Allods Online’s Melee Healer Class Mechanics
  1. Keen says:

    Couple notes:

    – There is an auto-face mechanic in the game. Simply using an ability will face you to that target in melee range. Circle strafing can be thwarted easily.
    – Perception reduces your chance to miss as well.
    – Wisdom is armor penetration. Have more than you need and you do bonus damage. Don’t have enough and you do reduced damage. Subtle difference but worth noting. (on top of being your mana pool size and regen).

    • taugrim says:

      1. didn’t notice auto-face during CB. Do you know if the auto-face mechanic works with ranged spells as well? That might be why I have that misconception

      2. thanks, will note that

      3. I wasn’t clear on which stat wisdom reduced, e.g. armor or resistance or maybe whichever is applicable given the damage type

      • Keen says:

        To a certain degree spells will rotate you. Mostly a melee thing.

        Wisdom is strictly armor penetration (it becomes identical to what Finesse does for a melee) and works on physical damage you do.

        • taugrim says:

          I was aware that the caster and non-caster classes had stats that did the same thing (Str=Int, Fin=Wis, Exp=Per, or something like that).

          To a certain degree spells will rotate you. Mostly a melee thing.

          OK, I’ll have to test to understand in which conditions a character will rotate.

          Wisdom is armor penetration. Have more than you need and you do bonus damage

          I had read somewhere that once you reduced armor to zero for a given target, extra Wisdom is wasted. That conflicts with what you wrote above, that you get bonus damage once armor is completely negated.

          • winx says:

            ***(Str=Int, Fin=Wis, Exp=Per, or something like that).

            i think this only affects warden because of their passive skill true nature (or nature’s blessing), that wisdom = fin..

    • Nymphadoria says:

      I’d like to see your pvp video vs lvl 40’s. alot of the pvp in this video is lowbies. > <

      • taugrim says:

        Your comment implies that I’m fighting players of lower level than me, which is incorrect. In all of the Allods videos I have made and will make, my opponents in a 1v1 will be the same level as me or higher level. In any fights where I am outnumbered, at least one or more of my opponents will be the same level as me or higher level. I don’t post fights of me beating players who are lower level than me – there is no point, as that requires no skill. I also make it a point to show a lot of fights where my opponent(s) got the jump on me, which puts me at a disadvantage from the start.

        The reason I make PVP videos is to help educate other players by sharing what to do and what not to do. I know it has helped other players already as they’ve told me so :)

  2. Nathan says:

    I didn’t notice auto-facing either, when playing Psi and Mage I am nearly 100% sure I couldn’t auto-face when casting, I don’t know.

    That Lv40 sure had some burst.

    I have been looking up Scouts a bit more lately, I had fun with them. Might check that out once OB starts too.

    • taugrim says:

      I didn’t notice auto-facing either, when playing Psi and Mage I am nearly 100% sure I couldn’t auto-face when casting, I don’t know.

      This will be easy to test on the 16th :)

      That Lv40 sure had some burst

      That’s from the stacking buff from Holy Anger. The burst can be pretty ridiculous, e.g. 50k on a clothie. Granted, spamming HA will quickly burn through one’s mana.

      • taugrim says:

        Based on my testing in the first two days of Open Beta, the auto-face mechanic doesn’t work with any consistency. Meleers who are strong at circle-strafing IMO will have an advantage against players who have trouble keeping an opponent in front of them.

        • Nathan says:

          When we were in Arena, I couldn’t out-auto-face your strafing, for sure. You’re bang on, you were behind me all the time, when I pressed a skill ‘you need to face your opponent’ popped up. Though if I catch you side-on, I can auto-face.

          Its a good balance I think!

  3. Oozo says:

    The downside to playing a DPS/healer is that once you’ve played one it’s really hard to play a straight DPSer or straight healer. From a soloing perspective, of course. ;)

    I can’t get into my WoW rogue(s) at all after playing a druid. Survivability is the number one prereq for solo PvP. And, it makes PvE easier as well. Win/win.

    The only reason to not go this route is if you want to tailor your character to maximize a duo or group setup.

    Oh, and thanks for the heads up on this game. It looks promising. As far as the cash shop goes:

    My main concern is being able to remain competitive in PvE. My guess is that it would be easier to remain competitive via cash shop than it would for a WoW-type system which requires a horrible PvP gear grind, in which the rich get richer and those with more free time have a huge advantage.

    The question is, how much money has to be spent to remain competitive? Well, if it’s under the amount you spend on a typical subscription to a game like WoW it would actually be a better system for people who treat PvP seriously but have RL responsiblities which force their playtime to be more “casual”.

    • Oozo says:

      Er, meant competitive in PvP (not PvE).

      Stupid orcs.

    • taugrim says:

      The downside to playing a DPS/healer is that once you’ve played one it’s really hard to play a straight DPSer or straight healer. From a soloing perspective, of course. ;)

      I can’t get into my WoW rogue(s) at all after playing a druid

      This is the truth LOL. I felt that way after I played a WAR Shaman. I love the durability of DPS/healers.

      By the way, I watched some of your Feral Druid PVP videos last night. You have superb movement and timing. I used to play a Feral Druid as my main, and it was fun to watch.

      The only reason to not go this route is if you want to tailor your character to maximize a duo or group setup.

      I think a Melee Healer, paired with a kiting class could make for a very strong duo. We shall see! MH isn’t build to be a main healer for PVE, that’s the real limitation.

      My guess is that it would be easier to remain competitive via cash shop than it would for a WoW-type system which requires a horrible PvP gear grind

      I’ve played one other RMT game (Knight Online), and what you said was the case there. Players could pay real money to have a better chance at upgrade (enchant) their gear. One guy I played with from Brazil should to spend north of $100 USD a month for upgrades and to sell game items that he bought through the CS, but he loved the game and it was worth it to him time-wise.

      I haven’t seen people use the word “grindy” to describe Allod’s Online yet, which is a good thing. I dislike grindy games, which is why I quit WoW in the first place and why, in retrospect, I’m surprised that I gave Aion an honest try.

      The question is, how much money has to be spent to remain competitive?

      The short answer: I’m not sure. Keen wroteup a nice analysis of the real money costs of Perfume, and the monthly total was less than a typical MMORPG monthly sub:

  4. Komaf Apachee says:

    Awesome to see you in Allods now! I was hoping Aion would wither away in you rinterest area :)

  5. Komaf Apachee says:

    I’ll be with Blood Pact come Feb 16th – however, you are probably going to play on the side with the little teddy bears :( assuming so since you were Order in Warhammer hehe

    Anyway hope to see you in game – if I see you in the battle field on the teddy bear side I’ll just go link dead ;p

    • Oozo says:

      Not sure I could bring myself to play League.

      Furries and faerie wings?

      Then again, there might be some kind of perverse pleasure in ganking people as a furry.

      Dunno, never gone that way before. :P

      • taugrim says:

        Gibberling is pretty funny. Never seen a game where you have 3 “mini” toons and if you play Warden, a pet as well.

        Are you definitely going Empire or still thinking about it?

        • Oozo says:

          Undecided. ATM, I’m laying low playing a few of the classes to get a feel for the game. I couldn’t stand the gibberlings because your family makes it hard to see your animations.

          Working on an elf summoner for now. At least their faerie wings are black. ;P

    • taugrim says:

      I played mostly Order in WAR, but that was mostly because I heard more players were rolling Destruction based on the polls in Beta. But I played Destruction as well toward the end, and in Aion I chose the “dark” side (Asmodian).

      In Allod’s Online, I’m planning on joining Happy Fun Guyz (Keen & company) because I’ve grouped with players in that guild across two games, and they are good players and very friendly. HFG is rolling League, which means I will too.

      See you on the battlefield!

  6. Sardukhar says:

    Very nice article. I’m hoping this will be the game to excite me about melee healing. I didn’t get into Druid in WoW until I was burned out, and WAR, Aion and AoC just lacked something. Boring compared to RDPS or stealth, I guess.
    I was hoping there wasn’t auto-facing, since tactical movement is a pleasant addition to a fight.
    Do you anticipate the classic melee frustration with kiters due to a lack of CC/RDPS with this build?

    • taugrim says:

      Do you anticipate the classic melee frustration with kiters due to a lack of CC/RDPS with this build?

      From what I’ve heard, Melee Healer has plenty of CC to deal with kiters. That is one thing which is very cool about Melee Healer build in AO.

      Getting kited and not being able to do anything about it sucks. Back in WAR, I played a Swordmaster, and we had no tools to deal kiters who were aside of root / snare range aside from a Rank 2 morale ability.

      • Nathan says:

        Oh come on! And a snare, and an aoe root!

        I know exactly what you mean though, WoH was a WIN button in terms of gaining lost ground from an opponent.

        Finally decided I’m going Kanian Ranger. I want to kite till level 40,makes things easier for other melee (like yourself), so will probably be not using the above build for a while, or ever if Ranged works out.

        • Sardukhar says:

          Ah, yes, pre-nerf Quake for the Chosen. many for the Bright Wizards. Didn’t play pre-DoT nerf BW, but that was comedy, too.

  7. Komaf Apachee says:

    Definitely going empire – some very mature cool folks with a retired military man running the guild (Air Force – Norway)…had then gone League I would have as well. While I like aspects of both factions – I’ve learned long ago that you really need to research the dedication of guild mates to their guild – and this guild has that. Hope to see you in game – I believe since we are all USA players we are going to Tensis server (spelling is prob. off).
    Apache/Orc Warden

    • taugrim says:

      some very mature cool folks with a retired military man running the guild (Air Force – Norway)

      I’ve learned long ago that you really need to research the dedication of guild mates to their guild – and this guild has that

      That’s great you found a well-led guild.

      Let me know the names of your Empire character(s) so I can keep tabs on you. We’re planning on rolling on Tensews as well.

      • Komaf Apachee says:

        Thanks Taugrim! Well Komaf turned out to be my name for my Orc Warden! Apache apparently is taken hehe…

        Hope to see you in game! Get ready for another massive grind :(

  8. Yo some says:

    Hey so do you think I should focus my stat points into wisdom when I level up if I am melee priest build?

    Nice guide dude.

  9. Komaf says:

    I looked for Taugrim – he’s listed as a level 1 healer – are you testing a warrior or such instead atm? ;)

  10. Yo some says:

    Also hey taugrim.

    What weapon type do you recommend on Melee priest?

  11. […] healer is going to be a melee healer.  After a lot of research, I came across this great post by Taugrim explaining his mêlée healer spec.  That sounds like a whole lot of fun to me and […]

  12. Frusciante says:

    Hi, i was wondering how faith effects the healing of HoTs and Brilliance of Faith. Thanks

    • taugrim says:

      What’s your question?

      Faith is a stat that affects how much wound complexity your healing spells (including HoTs and BoF healing AFAIK) ignore.

  13. SOme One says:

    Hey dude some questions.

    Should i put 1 point in devouted healing and leave the flame at level 2 because I need a healing spell.

    Also for melee healer should i focus on perception?

    At level 9 I basically focus on wisdom and intelligence? Maybe I should focus more on perception?

    Also at level 10 what is the first ruby skill I should get?

    • taugrim says:

      This is what I recommend for point progression:
      – Verdict 2
      – Devoted Plea 1 (the healing spell)
      – Verdict 3
      – Cleansing Flame 2
      – Cleansing Flame 3

      Make sure to get the level 10 rep gear, it shouldn’t take long (at least, it didn’t take long on League side).

      Devoted Plea 1 is sufficient to heal in instances (e.g. Oreshek) as long as you have rep gear which boosts faith.

      You want an even mix of stats. I am putting about 70% of my points in to Wisdom and 30% into Luck.

      I put my first 3 rubies into Divine Instincts so that I can get down to Power of Faith.

  14. Shiroi says:

    Oo I just found a quest in Novograd that gives Vindictive Punishment, a quest skill I guess. It’s probably for anti-magic purposes as it burns mana/energy each time they use magic. The quest was to measure the beauty’s of novograd, by talking to magistrate in the elven district.

  15. Oshi says:

    I just saw your additions concerning the early levels. Thanks! I was going insane wondering which way I should take rubies. I’ve been holding back on taking the healing skills but I’ll take the point next level (I’m 11). I did learn something cool though, I happened to have taken 2 points in Blind Faith and outside of bosses its become an excellent emergency skill. 1 point isn’t enough but with two your guaranteed to be able to use it enough in instances to be worth the investment. Its an excellent CC if you or someone else draws aggro the 5 seconds is usually enough time to get the tanks aggro back up.

  16. Oshi says:

    Oh and one more thing. Your sure two-handed weapons are better? I get almost as much burst (off by about 10-15 percent say) with mace/shield and the extra defense/stamina is a big help.

    • taugrim says:

      I’ve tested same-level 1h vs 2h weapons and the difference in burst, esp on crits, is just massive.

      I can see a case for using mace+shield in PVE groups. When questing in the open world though, 2h weapons end fights much faster, and in my experience it is far more efficient.

  17. Komaf Apachee says:

    taugrim – I would have thought that the cash shop would have sent you packing. You aren’t seriously going to invest into an mmorpg that is charging 20$ for a backpack are you? Not to mention – have you really looked at what it will cost to pvp at 40?

  18. Komaf Apachee says:

    Now – while a source hasn’t been gien yet by this poster – recall that the original post was in Russian.

    This post was deleted from the Allods message board within 1 minute, literally.

    For those that haven’t heard, the new patch notes for the russian version were translated yesterday and here are a couple things to note to add insult to injury.

    1. Fear of death will now last 2 hours.

    2. Fear of death now is a result of resurrection by another player as well.

    3. Mob difficulty is being increased at higher levels.

    4. Mounts will be added into the game, but you will need to buy cash shop food to make them go at a decent speed.

    • Oozo says:

      Oh well, even if they change these things this developer can’t be trusted. Nerfing classes in order to add items to the store to mitigate those nerfs is extremely bad form.

      And, it’s something they could do whenever they want to. Back to WoW.

    • Walastik says:

      What is its best weapon?

  19. Patrick says:

    I wanted to ask, what should i add to stat each level, cause im afraid i might add the wrong ones.

    • taugrim says:

      In terms of stat points, I’m putting 75% into Wisdom and 25% into Luck, because those stats are rare on gear relative to Intelligence, Perception, and Faith.

      I make the decision for Wisdom or Luck when I reach a new level partially based on how my current stat mix looks.

  20. John says:

    is there any way you could put a leveling guide or something of the sort.

    • Kikiz says:

      Hello guys, I just maxed out the ruby “Power of Faith” but I noticed that it’s bugged… It should reduce the mana cost by 30%, Originally the spell costed 96 mana, after 3 rubies it costs 89 mana … instead the cooldown it’s the same it was 3.6 and it is still 3.6 can anyone confirm that or is it just for me?

    • taugrim says:

      Can you define what you mean by “leveling guide?”

      There is some starter information in this guide that should take you to the teens at least.

  21. Kikiz says:

    I’ll check that maybe the CD is reduces but the tooltip isn’t upgraded, btw on the tooltip it says “Reduces mana cost and cooldown duration of Verdict and Holy Rage by 20%”

    • taugrim says:

      Ah, you are correct re: the tooltip. I’m sorry about that.

      I just compared with Oshi in-game, and here’s what we have:
      – same weapon (Colonel’s staff, 2.9 speed)
      – same level (15)
      – Oshi has 2/3 Power of Faith and I have 3/3 Power of Faith

      His mana cost for Verdict is 92 and mine is 84. So the mana cost reduction is definitely working.

      The cooldown on the tooltip didn’t change as I put points in PoF, I confirmed that when I leveled. When I mouse over Verdict on my skill bar, the tooltip says 3.5s. However, when I use the skill, on the tooltip the cooldown immediately shows 2.7 or 2.8s til it is usable again. In Oshi’s case, he always sees 3s. So the cooldown seems to be working too.

  22. memetu says:

    “Power of Faith” works fine, reduce the cooldown? yes or no? thanks.

  23. Oshi says:

    What do you think of this as a progression plan? My goal being able to at least off heal regularly while still doing damage regularly so I can do instances in the lower lvels. This is my current build at 15.

    This would be my build at 25.

    I wanted to skip most of the PVP skills and go straight for Brilliant Faith 3/3 and Surge of Faith 3/3. I don’t plan on pvping much till very late game at which point I can respec but I’m not sure where to take it from there though..any advice?

    • taugrim says:

      I think your progression plan looks fine. I have talent similar talents. The only difference is you are spending rubies in Cleansing Flame tree earlier than I plan to but your rationale for doing so makes sense.

  24. Kris says:

    What prof’s would you suggest to go with this build?

  25. chicha says:

    hello nice guie, i need help with my build I clik 1 talent on heal and 1 more in holy blast.
    somewone can fix me build or I need to make other character? thanks a lot.

    • taugrim says:

      There’s no point in investing any talent points in Holy Blast if you aren’t going with a caster spec.

      Putting the 1 point in the heal (Devoted Plea) was a good call.

      • chicha says:

        yea i know but Accidentally i clik in holy blast and now dont know if continue with melee build or make other :( . thanks for the reply

        • taugrim says:

          Which build you go with depends on the playstyle you prefer. In my opinion, AO melee healer is the better leveling spec since you can kill mobs faster. But if you prefer fighting with a ranged/kiting style, go caster.

          I would definitely recommend you pick a path and stick with it instead of spending points for both melee and caster talents and rubies. If you go with a mixed melee/caster spec you will dilute your effectiveness at both.

  26. GMR says:

    I’ve been playing this game on Teness for a few days after now. I’ve gotta say its a pretty cool game, one of the best I’ve seen as a F2P.

    I am a little dumbfounded that I haven’t seen more healers running around though, mostly just mages and summoners….

    I would like to see if I’m wrong about something though, I though wisdom was just for your mana pool, where as perception was the armor penetration stat for the healer.

    • taugrim says:

      I am a little dumbfounded that I haven’t seen more healers running around though, mostly just mages and summoners

      I am a little surprised there aren’t more healers too. I think some players come to AO and see the class name “healer” and think whack-a-mole so they roll another class.

      I though wisdom was just for your mana pool, where as perception was the armor penetration stat for the healer.

      As stated above:
      # Perception reduces our chance to miss and the target’s chance to dodge/block/parry
      # Wisdom reduces the target’s armor (mitigation)

      Unfortunately the tooltip for Wisdom doesn’t mention armor penetration. The tooltip for Perception does mention that it reduces the target’s ability to resist spells but it applies to melee attacks as well for our class. All this information has been confirmed by players of Russian AO, which is the same game we’re playing but a later version.

      • GMR says:

        As stated above:
        # Perception reduces our chance to miss and the target’s chance to dodge/block/parry
        # Wisdom reduces the target’s armor (mitigation)

        That’s good to know. I’ve played a healer, because thats just usually what I roll in every other game I’ve played; not to mention the Arisen are just so damn cool looking.

        I’ve had a generally great time playing a healer in this game, yet the actually healing seems a bit wonky at times. I am interested in trying out melee healing but I like to experiment. I fear of experimenting in this game right now because of not really being able to reset talent points quite yet. I really hope they get the cash shop in order soon.

        • taugrim says:

          I’ve had a generally great time playing a healer in this game, yet the actually healing seems a bit wonky at times

          This has to do with the Faith / Int / Luck mechanics, which make healing much more complicated and far less predictable compared to any other MMORPG.

          I am interested in trying out melee healing but I like to experiment. I fear of experimenting in this game right now because of not really being able to reset talent points quite yet. I really hope they get the cash shop in order soon.

          My personal experience with Melee Healer through 17 has been excellent. Devoted Plea 1 is more than sufficient for group healing as long as I have a solid amount of Faith (i.e. under 20% on the tooltip). And I can output very good burst damage, which is a goal of the build.

  27. Oshi says:

    You should mention the tooltip for Blind Faith is a little messed up but a you increase talents the duration of the CC increases as well. I forget now but its something like 7-10 seconds at Rank 2. I was planning to talk to you about this but was there a reason you didn’t take unbending will? It seems like a great way to increase the effectiveness of fantacism procs since atm any spell with a CD uses all procs up.

    • taugrim says:

      Blind Faith 2 lasts for either 10 or 15 secs on a target, with a 1 min cooldown. It’s simply amazing, especially for handling multiple mobs when soloing.

      I think you meant that any spell with a cast time uses all Fanaticism buffs up. For 3 ruby points, you get a just-under-half chance that you save all but 2 buffs of a stack. I think that may be worthwhile for caster or healer builds, where the Healer might spam long-cast time spells (Heavenly Smite and Holy Rejuv respectively). However, I don’t see a MH spamming those 2 spells. And most of the other cast-time spells (e.g. Binding Light 1, Purification 1) only take 6 and 4 stacks respectively to cast instantly.

  28. vashyoung says:

    i was wondering about MH weapons…

    can i use dual mace? instead of 2h?
    can i still get that kind of burst damage if im using dual mace?

    and do divine instinct work with dual mace since its 2 hands anyway?

    • taugrim says:

      Healers can’t dual wield, but even if they could, it wouldn’t make sense to use two weapons from a mechanics perspective. Dual wielders tend to output steady high DPS but low burst, whereas 2h Melee Healer outputs very high burst with Holy Rage.

      Yes, DI should work with a 2h staff or mace.

  29. vashyoung says:

    my other class is a scout lv 12 which i find a little slow on killing mobs since i need to reload Enchant arrow…

    then finally i just created my new melee elf healer which i find very fast in term of killing things even without critical my Verdict can reach to 100 damage amazing…

    i just started being a melee elf healer… i find it easy to kill prey then jump to another target fast…

    i was wondering if dual mace will work T_T with DI…

  30. Dafairyman says:

    hey taugrim i was wondering, at lvl 10 when i’m able to get the rep gears what should i get leather or clothe??

    • taugrim says:

      I tend to favor leather over cloth but if there is a cloth piece that has a stats mix that you prefer, go with that instead. E.g. I went with the Gibberling cloth level 16 leggings instead of the leather version, because the stats for the piece made more sense for my overall stats.

  31. Krelian says:

    hi taugrim and thanks for this nice guide.

    i have a question about spending the first rubies. you said that you spend the first three rubies in devine instincts to get to power of faith. now in the version i’m playing in EU, devine instincts does not increase block/evade, it only increases endurance by 5% each ruby.

    do you know if this is an older version or will it change to this in every version?

    would you still recommend to spend the first three rubies in it to get power of faith?

    • taugrim says:

      you said that you spend the first three rubies in devine instincts to get to power of faith. now in the version i’m playing in EU, devine instincts does not increase block/evade, it only increases endurance by 5% each ruby.

      The rubies are supposed to be consistent in terms of how they work between the different game versions AFAIK. This might simply be yet another tooltip mistranslation. The calculator on also used to say that increased Endurance by 15%.

      I’d still take the 3 points. Power of Faith is one of our best ruby sets so you might as well max DI to get there.

  32. vashyoung says:

    im worries about healer rubies on DI, gPo said its still under development they may tweak it T_T i might get the wrong build

  33. Privus says:

    Hmm, i would tweak it a little bit to this

    Less crit and no bubble, but faster KD’s with a bit more dps with slightly better debuff.

    • taugrim says:

      Holy Shield is one of the best PVP abilities in the game. It removes everything – DoTs, debuffs, etc, and gives us invulnerability for 12 sec every 3 min.

      • Privus says:

        Then why don’t you have deep concentration, with rank 3 holy shield would have 84 seconds off and 12 seconds on with 45% chance of extending it. Even though i don’t know how many seconds it will extend.

        Next to that, why didn’t you pick Guardian of Faith over Above all Evil. Personal choice i guess?

        Yet you composed a great build.

        • taugrim says:

          Getting to Deep Concentration 3/3 would require burning 4 rubies. That’s the reason I am not planning on taking it. The other thing is that DC only extends Holy Shield when casting spells. There isn’t synergy there for a melee build. For a caster healer or pure healer build, absolutely.

          Guardian of Faith (aka Valiant Guardian) only works against demons. It is a waste but unfortunately many players have spec’d into it without realizing its conditional nature.

  34. […] Overall, I’m really enjoying the playability of the Melee Healer spec. The PVP mechanics in practice have matched or exceeded what I was hoping for when I wrote the Melee Healer Guide. […]

  35. Noize says:

    What level requirement has to be met in order to wear 2h stuff as a healer?
    I’m level 18 right now (Kanian healer) and I still can’t use them.
    Also please post the level requirement for plate.

  36. Rawrz says:

    Hey there Tau.

    I just came by to say that I read your blog nearly every day because it helps me a great deal in what I’m doing. Not much of a comment but I’m glad you’ve decided to keep the updates coming.

    Don’t stop or I’ll be truly stuffed. =P


  37. Shiroi says:

    Hmm not sure if this is a bug, but I just noticed that preparing Holy Blast in advance takes NO mana at all? So, in cases where you do run out of mana, press Esc to untarget a monster, prepare the spell, and then you can basically cast it for free?

    • Shiroi says:

      My bad.. it takes mana only when casting the pre-prepared spell ..

      • taugrim says:

        You have to have enough mana to pre-cast, but you don’t actually spend the mana until you cast the pre-cast ability.

        Doesn’t really make sense, but that’s how it works IIRC.

  38. Rawrz says:

    A couple of questions..

    1: Do I need to stack anything in Endurance or Conviction? Because I’m getting critted alot of the time.
    2: Would intelligence be more important than faith or perception? I’m hitting in the low hundreds at 14 and barely crit for much more than that so I’m kinda confused.

    • taugrim says:

      1. sounds like you are in Siveria. You will get critted a lot by the tigers. Mainly focus on your core class stats, don’t worry about End/Conv
      2. Perc, Faith, and Luck are more important than Int. Try to get Perc < 15% and Faith < 20% if you can. Luck glancing blow < 15%. After that get some Int

  39. Vitalek1988 says:

    Hey! Keen is a liar or atleast giving false info or info hes not sure about. From very bad to average that is :P

    “To a certain degree spells will rotate you. Mostly a melee thing.”

    …he sad after stating that u autorotate like in retarded PvP games. Retarded are all but Allods and WoW. WoW have best PvP of all mmos in my oppinion atlest ENGINE for sure! And Allods is picking this engine fully! Just making character rotation animations more smooth (visual appearance nothing more).
    ..back to hes wordsl. There is not such a thing ROTATE TO A CERTAIN DEGREE in gaming. It OR does rotate so u can use skill or it DOES NOT. Thats it. I checked personaly and myself in Game in latest Russian AO game version and thats what I saw:

    1)If youre melee and u use a melee skill U DO NOT autafece your opponen. Skills/MeleeAtack become grey and unusable.
    2)Same is With Spells. All of them both instant and castable. Castable wont even precast if u target someone so ESC first to do so (more to do more skills lol! haha)
    3) the only way TO AUTO face is BY leftclicking target with your mouse WHYLE rmovement/MeleeAtack is put ON in the interface. But thats the most SLOW awkward an easely to miss techinque ever to make a simple 90% roll LOL! So gl with that. So eyah its in engine as skilled as Best PvP mmo out there but free and with some classes being deeper from my perspective. Thats LOL for being free alone for PvP players like myself.

  40. Rawrz says:

    I’m still following this guide. Look at it everyday.

    Another question, I’ve been reading that you would be wanting to stack Intelligence with all your spare stat points but surely that isn’t how it works?

    I’m going for equal stats and I would just like to know which one is the MOST important?


    • taugrim says:

      Balanced stats typically works the best.

      What I’ve been trying to shoot for in the early 30s in Coba Plateau is roughly:
      Perc <= 15%
      Faith <= 20%
      Wisdom between 160-180 (4+k mana pool)
      Luck glancing <= 25%
      Int for the rest

      I've been having a hard time keeping both Wisdom and Luck up, but after experimenting what I've found is that Wisdom is more valuable. I've tried running with a low mana pool (e.g. 3000-3200) with high Luck but the problem is with a few mana-heavy spells (e.g. Heavenly Smite, Divine Prayer) you'll go OOM quickly.

      • Rawrz says:

        Hey there again, I’ve tried to keep up with your stats and everything but I seem to be failing every single time.. I mean, I’m hitting none of the damage you are and I never crit that much at all.

        I’ve made a video to show you what I mean, serious help please mate?


        I have a TS is you want to talk it over with me..

        • taugrim says:

          Post the %’s from your stat tooltips.

          Which blue weapon are you using? And which rep gear set? In every zone there is an excellent blue 2h weapon – make sure to get it as soon as you can get the quest.

          Also, don’t spam Cleansing Flame, you’re blowing through your mana.

  41. Firefly says:

    Hey man cool guide, 1 question. Which race?? Is either better than another or doesn’t it matter?

  42. dox says:

    Hello taugrim, excellent guide you have here. I just have one question: which stat is helping us (melee healers) to miss less with Fanaticism?
    It confuses me because it’s physical based :S

  43. Pacheco says:

    is holy avenger/brilliant faith a must for a healer?
    cuz i plan to use those rupies to get divine forsight

    MY build

    • taugrim says:

      Brilliant Faith rocks, don’t pass on it.

      To get Divine Foresight, you can pass on Holy Avenger and Bearer of Light. HA unfortunately does not generate Brilliant Faith heals you when you are crit, it only generates Fanaticism.

      • Pacheco says:

        would divine forsight be better for survivalbility since im a arisen healer and the faith rupies + faith racial would give nice healing ticks

        • taugrim says:

          Divine Foresight is a nice ability. I’m not sure I understand your question.

          If I were you, I would
          – take Divine Foresight and Brilliant Faith
          – not take Holy Avenger and Bearer of Light

  44. testaaja says:

    Question how should i spend my stats points ?

    eny spesific where i should put first.

  45. Rawrz says:

    Nice new video mate, My build is stepping up to be pretty good. Just trying to balance my stats. =]
    Keep it up.

  46. Millimator says:

    Hey, love the guide, it helped me a lot on my build. here’s a question thou: how should i spend my rubies after the last blessed steel? start in the cleansing flame grid or go for the Holy avenger?

    also, in the cleansing flame grid, what rubies would be best to put where first?

    again, thanks for the guide it helped me alot. also, ceep uploading video’s they are also verry usefull.

    • taugrim says:

      After Blessed Steel 3, put points in the CF tree. Start with Surge of Faith, then do Wisdom, Int, and Ascension rubies.

      Holy Avenger does not work as I expected it to. It does proc 3 stacks of Fanaticism when we’re crit, but that doesn’t generate Brilliant Faith heals. Not sure if that is a bug or intended.

      • Millimator says:

        hmm thats to bad, what about instead of holy avenger we can put out rubies in guardian of fate and another ray of hope and something else? or maybe lvl 3 holy advantage? the reduced mana cost, is it necessary?

        thanks for the info, again.

        • taugrim says:

          Guardian of Faith only works about demons, so it’s very limited in its scope.

          Holy Advantage is a waste of rubies, our HoT and DoT are already mana efficient.

          • Millimator says:


            Why did you stop spending on bearer of light? is the 150% chanse crit not awsome?

            i must admit, the extra faith and devine foresight looks good, I trust your jugement. so go to devine foresight first or still Surge of Faith, then Wisdom and int?

            i’ll probably go for surge of faith, go to devine, last wisdom, int.

          • taugrim says:

            Bearer of Light is nice-to-have not must-have. It’s worth passing on BoL in order to get Divine Foresight.

  47. Millimator says:

    ow my god! sorry about my spelling, my native language is not english.

  48. Mario says:

    Hey why if i have stacks of fanaticism, when i use devout plea the casting timem is not reduced?

  49. Ann says:


    I’m currently running a healer and at lvl 26 with the following stats & getting very frustrated because my heals seem to be constantly getting resisted. Any help as to how I can balance the stats better would be really appreciated. I’ve tried to keep perception and faith high because I understood these to be the key ones for resistance… or am I wrong?

    Int 87 – 13.9% damage (I know this is low, but does it change the resist effect?)
    Perception 148 – 6.93% resist
    Faith 138 – 10.7% wound complexity ignored
    Wisdom 99 (mana pool around 2.7k, a little low at the moment, but tolerable)
    Luck 95 – 15.4% glancing

    I know the luck is low, comparatively, but I’m not so concerned about the glancing blows, it’s the resists that are annoying me!


    • taugrim says:

      Your stats overall look fine (except Wisdom is low as you pointed out), Luck @ 15% or so glancing is solid. Faith @ 10% is very good while leveling.

      A portion of a heal often get resisted, that’s part of the game mechanic due to Wound Complexity. What’s important is that your heals feel functionally effective.

      • Ann says:

        Ok, so irrespective of stats, I’m nearly always going to see some resistance, so my best bet would be to a) get as many fanaticism buffs as I can for the heal from that & b) up my intelligence/wisdom a bit so that I get more actual healing even if some if it’s resisted (while keeping the other stats as they are!)

        Thanks again & really appreciate the guide – it’s helped loads with my build :)

        • taugrim says:

          a) yes, Fanaticism from our melee attacks is like an AOE HoT running as you DPS. It’s a great mechanic

          b) raising your Int will affect the magnitude of your heals (and damage). Wisdom won’t directly affect healing but it will give you a bigger mana pool and faster mana regen

          And thanks for the positive feedback, I’m glad this guide has been helpful for you :)

  50. Raman says:

    Hi, First I would like to specify exactly your tactics, I follow you, but until yesterday I was very pleased. 26 to 27 in my league, I scored me how is that 18k damage. I would like to receive information about this build

    How can I take 28k damage 26 melee healers

    • taugrim says:

      If you mean you received 18k and 28k damage as a level 26-27 Melee Healer, that means you were attacked by a much higher level (e.g. 40) player.

      There’s nothing you can do about that, a player of much higher-level can 1-shot a player 10 levels below them. It is one of the major flaws in the game mechanics – there are no leveling balancing / capping mechanics in Allods Online.

  51. MrGreenankle says:

    I don’t know which is the best way to attack enemies. I’m level 12, so I got the first healing, fanaticism, cleansing flame, heavently smite, holy blast and holy shield. Should I start with a cleansing flame, w8 untill it’s by me, then do fanaticism, just w8 for cd, the do fanaticim again etc? A guildm8 said that was the best stratergy, but the w8ing for fanaticism is strange I think. How should I do?

    • taugrim says:

      Should I start with a cleansing flame, w8 untill it’s by me, then do fanaticism, just w8 for cd, the do fanaticim again etc? A guildm8 said that was the best stratergy

      Short answer: yes

      By level 15 (if you followed my ruby progression) you”l have 3/3 Power of Faith so with a 2h you’ll be able to use Verdict once every ~2.7 sec.

      It’s not worth casting Holy Blast in between uses of Verdict for a Melee Healer because you won’t have the rubies or talent points in Holy Blast to make it worthwhile. Without talents and rubies, Holy Blast does very low damage relative to the mana cost.

      Heavenly Smite use is situational. It’s incredibly mana intensive. Even for a Caster Healer build, which I tried at 40, you have to be careful because 4-5 casts will blow most of your mana.

  52. Pantheon says:

    Hiya , I have a question on your interface and game play…how do you play? what i mean is where are your hands and fingers and where are your skills located? I use the mouse to click skills and the keypad to move. seems like there is a better way?

    • taugrim says:

      Short answer: clicking skills with mouse has some downsides:
      – you have to look down at your skill bars to click instead of watching the middle of the screen (the action)
      – its slower than having keybinds memorized

      Watch this video (from LOTRO), I describe how to do this:

      You need to find a keybinding system that works for you. Here’s my setup…

      Core attacks / CC:
      1 – CF
      2 – Blind
      3 – Verdict
      4 – Holy Rage
      5 – Heavenly Smite
      6 – Silence

      X – Holy Rejuv
      C – Devoted Plea
      V – Perpetual Healing
      B – Divine Prayer

      G – Tensess Shield (racial bubble)
      H – Holy Shield

      S – Binding Light (mez)
      D – Purification (dispel)
      F – Ascension (crit buff)

      • mark says:

        hi.. i just want to ask, if the Silence and Tensess Shield (racial bubble) is available to Empire Arisen Heretic..?? please reply.. thank you very much..

  53. Kyox. says:

    hey, i’m following this guide, and i’m just curious. is the diffrence between 2/3 and 3/3 cleansing flame that much of a diffrence? or can it wait untill later levels to max it. so i can put more points into shield and Blind earlier. Thanks.

  54. tRixx says:

    uhmm..I have a question about rubies..Im at lv33 atm..done with the Verdict Ruby Tree(didnt get the Holy Avenger)..Now aiming to get all said skills in Cleansing Flame Ruby Tree..not to mention that I got the 2 free rubies after you finish Blight and Citadel..I got lv3 Surge of Faith and 1 calculating that…I will still have 7 rubies left to be acquired when I turn lv40. how can I get the Divine Foresight with just 7 rubies? since I still need to get 3 Holy Spirit, 2 Enlightenment and 1 Above All Evil.

    thank you for your awesome guide :)

  55. raman says:

    So one would like to receive information about you, except for Class treanier Rubies is where exactly?

  56. Fly says:

    As you got HA off, there’s a mention to it in the mechanics of MH. Remove it, cause there’s no sense in saying that you get heals on receive crits without HA :p

  57. Crescendoll says:

    Taugrim, i used one of my talents to gain Devoted Plea. Now, i’m confused weather to what skill in the talent tree that i should minus..

    need some advice please..

  58. Duckies says:

    Hey taugrim I noticed you said you tried different classes, but I was curious what your thoughts were on a casting build healer…it seems me to in your videos that unless its instant cast most spells will get interrupted to the point where your not doing anything useful. I am playing a casting healer now, but looking for some different opinions. Thanks

  59. Stud Muffin says:

    hey I love your build, many ppl keeps on telling me that I DPS better than a warrior and more. So props!! Just which profession did you use? and why?

  60. lliatha says:

    Im totaly clueless which reputation gear to wear with lvl 26. Just finished the leage army reputation and put off my tenebra stuff. But what to now? cloth..leather..the new rings…the old ones? Am totaly lost… (sry my english sucks)

    Leage Army Leather + new Rings/Earrings :

    Life : 10418
    Int : 144
    Perc: 130
    Wisdom: 100 <-This sucks

    Leage Army Cloth + new Rings/Earrings :

    Life : 13114
    Int : 164
    Perc: 110
    Wisdom: 100 <-This sucks

    which stats to aim for..perhaps i should mix the cloth and leather parts…or use the old rings… my head hurts…no clue what to do…

  61. lliatha says:

    Ok i took the leage army leather gear + the old juwely from tenebra. Stats are now :

    Life : 10320
    Mana : 3431

    Int : 118
    Perc: 111
    Wis : 125
    Faith : 113
    Luck : 69 (24,9%)

    Looks balanced …i think…

  62. […] Power of Faith 1-3: the mana cost and cooldown reductions do work, even though the cooldown isn’t reflected in the tooltip; see my comment below to Kikiz […]

  63. […] Overall, I’m really enjoying the playability of the Melee Healer spec. The PVP mechanics in practice have matched or exceeded what I was hoping for when I wrote the Melee Healer Guide. […]

  64. Hel says:

    Hello taugrim i was hoping i could talk to u … need to ask u something please…please add me in msn or send me an email. ty

  65. Crayonmuffin says:

    With a melee healer wouldn’t you have to up strength and expterise, etc. in order to be a successful physical hitter?

  66. Mistwalker says:

    taugrim, it is a cool guide. thank you!

    one problem. I am lv18 healer now. I have rank3 POF. but the mana cost of Verdict is still 96 and the cooldown is still 3s. whats the reason?

    • taugrim says:

      The tooltips in this game are buggy – they don’t always reflect your rubies.

      You can see the reduced cooldown of Verdict by attacking and hovering over the ability tooltip. With a 2h weapon you’ll see the cooldown is shorter (e.g. 2.7-2.8 sec)

  67. sillybilly says:

    are you giving away your account if you dont play anymore????

  68. Este says:

    Hey someone had asked about what they should do if they put a point in Devoted plea which i have also done but not sure what talent too minus because it isn’t originally in the build please reply thank you

  69. Frefs says:

    I’m having problems when leveling at lvl 11 mainly because my veredict dmg is lower than my cleasing fire dmg.I am using 2H so i dont know why that’s happening, is that normal?

  70. dick army says:

    Hi, there’s a little confusion. Are you referring to the second talent “Fanaticism” as “Verdict”?

  71. Daniel Kim says:

    I was wondering about something.

    You said to raise 1 Devoted Plea, but what would you replace for it?
    For ex.: Instead of 3 Blind Faith, I should raise 2?

    Currently level 11 healer, Stadtfeus, in the server Tensess.
    Please reply ASAP, and thank you for your support.

  72. Mistwalker says:

    hi,taugrim. thank you for your reply. but the cooldown is still 3s after i used a 2h mace. and i have other questions.
    1. did you get HR after you reached lv40?
    2. HR and Verdict share the cooldown so how do we use HR and Verdict? which one do you use?

  73. blindfolded says:

    hi taugrim i havnt downloaded game yet but im pick mage for my mage wonderin if u got anythin u can tell me about the mages in ao

  74. blindfolded says:

    main class*

  75. Eftin says:

    hey taugrim,

    first of all, you have nice videos. I wanted to ask you even know how to bring rubies in higher lvl/ranks. I spend a rubie, and if i will spend one more then it says you have it already or something. Can you pls explain me pls, how can i make this? I would be very happy. Thanks to your videos, I have also selected a Healer. I liked your videos very much. Thank you for all.

  76. Hecatex says:

    This is a really nice guide for MH. You got awesome videos displaying true in-game “skills”. I’m a lil concerned since u said that DH “it’s worth taking this heal for leveling because without it you have no healing whatsoever until the upper teens.” So i created this:
    What do you think?

  77. James says:

    Hey taugrim really nice guide, but could you possibly come back to Allods online after the july 7th patch and update your guide, because theres many different changes happening to the healer skill, if you could do that would be great thanks alot

  78. NVRHeaL says:

    definitely need a guide for the new patch…THX!=)

  79. Chico says:

    An update of this guide would be nice, it seem this guide has gotten my attention. Thanks In Advance!

  80. Neo says:

    Second request for guide update seems the info may be getting pretty stale, last update was end of march.

  81. bob says:

    btw u check these comments anymore…

  82. sunniva says:

    maybe this is a stupid question, but if you spec DP ( the healing ability ) do i have to buy water of life from CS to respec when im lvl 40 / 42?

  83. torisu says:

    nice guide! :D

  84. minori says:

    very nice guide taugrim, everything’s detailed and well explained and i’ve watched videos of you. btw, just a question as said above you’re planing on spreading ur stat points 75% on Wisdom and 25% on Luck. what’s ur ratio or sequence on pumping these up per level? thanks in advance! keep up ur good work

  85. ponda2.0 says:

    hi Taugrim or anyone that sees this,
    i realize that this guide is awesome, but old and that many people are asking for an updated guide.
    for me, i have a different dilema. basically, i have minimal stats on intelligence and other area’s but i have about 1.5x the amount of wisdom than my intelligence from following a warden guide. If wisdom is like finesse, then it will increase when it passes zero, so i thought that would work. I know i should have more intelligence and less wisdom, but it seems to work pretty well for me, as i never lose a pvp so far except vs people that are higher lvl than me, although sometimes i still win. Just wondering, what is the damage supposedly for a lvl 25-30 mh with blessings?

  86. dapupu says:

    real quick question that im sure you can answer easy :) nooby question but as there is no auto attack, do you need to spam attack (with your staff) in between spells, or is all the combat done through spells like verdict, holy rage etc.

  87. DeathSeraph says:

    sir new in allods and chose to play with a MH because i saw your guide.. ^___^
    im having problems with verdict seems to get dodged a lot and i die often because i cant kill the monster fast enough..i hav high perception and luck..
    what do you think is the problem? thanks

  88. dev1ruch1 says:

    im currently level 17 now but i still cant find any 2 hand weapon i can wear… what level can i use the 2 handed weapons? or is there any requirements?

  89. omgomgomg says:

    hey what are the requirements to use two handed maces? im currently lv 16

  90. ayie says:

    damn this build rocks, i can easily kill same lvl mobs with just 3 skills, taugrim thanks a alot for putting up this guide!

  91. Fids says:

    what stat should my patron add to? :)

  92. Beastimus says:

    is it just me or has mana cost for heals increased. it seems it takes more evertime i heal. but i also gain mana a little faster. this is after recent patch

  93. Mullan says:

    Que emoção um brasileiro comentando nesse tópico!!
    Quero dizer que não entendo essa quantidade grande de pessoas reclamando, pois, o turorial é simplesmente excelente e a build é a melhor que já vi em toda a internet.

  94. Dan says:

    So Taugrim, although you said you were putting this game on the shelf forever, are you going to come back when the major 47 patch comes out this month?

    • taugrim says:

      I started playing Rift when Head Start launched, and so far up to level 32 (out of 50) Rift is the best MMORPG I’ve played in the past 5 years.

      It has the best features of WAR (PVP mechanics), WoW (game stability), and the most flexible spec customization system I’ve ever seen.

      So no, I have no plans on coming back to Allods Online.

      Rift FTW!

  95. Bob says:

    Dude, healer warrior is the way forward! You can one-shot level 42s at level four with your Delicious Smite spell! Fucking hell, you guys actually bother to READ and UNDERSTAND these things!? O_o fucking wierd, if you ask me.

    But I’m gonna start playing Allods and I’ll try, at least, to use this guide because when I watch yer videos you look like you’re assraping everyone. :D

  96. Nuke says:

    Hi Taugrim,

    This post is a gold mine in terms of infos.
    I have a question for you though :
    I’m an Heretik LV42 specialized in melee combat. People keep saying that a rod has no effect on this type of class but, after many tests, it appears that, on the same mob, without a rod, I do anaverage of 80k damages, with a rod, ans average of 130k ( I have for the moment the Tenses rod, good but not enormous, with PERCEPT +40 ) – after having a look on the internet, I see some people saying that, despite the fact that the Heretik melee is ( obviously ) a melee class, he uses spells to hit people that are influenced by INT and magic power.
    What is your opinion about that ?

    Thank you ^^

  97. karch says:

    Hi taugrim,

    why didn’t you place any point in the ascencion talent?(in the talent and not in the rubies) just asking, hoping for your reply

  98. Su Lee says:

    Heh, this is probably very out of date now though, eh?

  99. RiyaButler says:

    Hello there,
    I am an American. I really want to Set up an Animation Studio in India. At the moment i’m exploring for animators. I decided on India due to the fact it is more cost-effective in comparison with U.S. I wish to find out the processes for establishing a small business in India, specially an animation studio.

    Can you fellas please help me out?

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