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Launch of Brand Identity System

I’m writing to share the launch of a new brand identity system (logo, tagline, etc) for this site. For the logo design, I wanted a character-based logo that met two criteria: The character is iconic for MMORPGs The character is

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Vlog Update: LoL and Livestreaming Incoming!

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My YouTube Channel Cracked 1 Million Views

Kind of a crazy milestone, considering I started making videos for fun and to illustrate the concepts from my class Guides for various games. I don’t talk too much about RL here, but I will share that I’ve started working

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South Maui FTW

My wife and I arrived in South Maui last week for an extended stay. I was planning on gaming/blogging in the evening here but so far I’ve been pooped each night after dinner. We’ve been waking up early to enjoy

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YouTube Rejected My Partner Application

The two most common requests for videos I get on YouTube and here on my blog are: requests for more depth of content: “make more [Rift Warrior / Prot Pally / etc] videos” requests for more breadth of content: “can

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