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Quick Hits from the SWTOR Guild Summit

BioWare revealed many key features for Patch 1.2. Here are some of the notable takeaways from the livestream. My comments in italics. Quality of Life Improvements Sprint (out-of-combat movement buff) will be available at level 1. Thank. Freaking. Goodness. UI

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Powertech / Vanguard “Insta-Nuker with CC” 0/12/29 PVP Spec

The 0/12/29 spec for Bounty Hunter Powertech / Trooper Vanguard is a heavy DPS spec with good CC capability. Here are links to the spec: Powertech | Vanguard I did not take the 31-pt talent Thermal Detonator (Assault Plastique). TD

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5-min PUG Huttball Victory We won this match in 4:59. Both sides had 50s: Republic had 2 Empire had 2+ The 50 Sages from <Vendetta> said this was the fastest win for their guild ever. Ditto for me. To top things off, I

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Taugrim Talks SWTOR: Episode 1: Pre-Launch Thoughts and Q&A

Today I launched the first “show” on my TwitchTV channel. Here is the link to the recorded broadcast: In this episode, we cover: The most frequently asked questions for me from Beta Schwag & Giveaway announcement Live Q&A and discussion

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Taugrim’s Stream Reaches 100k Views / 1k Followers

I wanted to share with y’all an exciting milestone. During my 15th session of streaming, my TwitchTV channel cracked 100k views and 1k followers: With the NDA lift for SWTOR on November 18th, I’ve been streaming SWTOR PVP action every

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