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Melee Healer PVP Video @ Level 25

This is my first PVP video for Allods Online (AO). I dinged level 25 today and captured footage of League players attempting to gank me 1v1 and a dynamic 1v4. This video includes the following fights: 26 Melee Healer vs

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Melee Healer PVE Video @ Level 18

This is my first Allods Online (AO) video. I dinged level 18 and wanted to show how effectively a Melee Healer (MH) can burn down mobs while maintaining high HP through HoTs and heal procs. In the video my MH

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The Curious Case of the “F2P” MMORPG Allods Online

Allods Online (AO) started its Open Beta last week, and the playerbase is irate over the initial pricing of Item Shop virtual goods and the changes announced for version Keen has written an excellent summary of the concerns of

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Guide to Allods Online’s Melee Healer Class Mechanics

This is a guide for the Melee spec for the Healer class in Allods Online. Revision History 2010 March 28: because of the issue with Holy Avenger, dropped 3/3 Holy Avenger and 3/3 Bearer of Light to free up 6

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Allods Online and gPotato Registration Name

Allods Online (AO) Open Beta (OB) starts Feb 16th, and it’s really “live” on that day because OB characters won’t be deleted. AO is a F2P game, so a lot of people will be playing without paying. If you think

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