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WildStar Advances the Action Combat Paradigm for MMORPGs

Disclaimer: I have not yet played WildStar in Beta, and as the NDA is still in place, even if I do start participating in Beta I’ll honor the NDA. So I won’t respond to questions about what I actually think

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Producer Chris Hager on TERA’s Hitboxes, RMT, Events, and Political System

At GDC 2012, GAMEBREAKER writer Jason Winter and I attended a private session and hands-on boss fight demo in the En Masse Entertainment (EME) media booth. Afterwards, we spoke with EME’s Chris Hager, the Producer for NA TERA. Our discussion

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Interview: En Masse Entertainment COO Patrick Wyatt on Bringing TERA to the West

At GDC 2012, I interviewed En Masse Entertainment COO Patrick Wyatt on bringing TERA, a Korean MMORPG game, to the West (North America, Europe). Here are notable segments from our conversation: 1:02: respective roles of the developer (Bluehole Studio, BHS)

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TERA PVP: Where Latency and Hitbox Size Affect Outcomes

I’ve been reading through the comments posted on YouTube for my first TERA video, and Beta testers reported combat issues related to latency. This morning I watched the last set of duels that I streamed on Saturday, and from the

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TERA Combat Overview

In this video, I discuss how combat works in the MMORPG TERA, including: how to attack and land blows on targets based on the animation for each attack the secondary effects of successfully landing blows on targets, including stun and

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