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Taugrim Daily #3: My Solution for Making Rogues Viable for Sustained PVP Combat

Today’s video contains my solution for re-designing Rogue classes in MMORPGs so that they are viable in sustained PVP combat. Rogues across games tend to do well in 1v1 and small-scale combat, but where Rogues fall down from a mechanics

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Taugrim Talks SWTOR: Episode 1: Pre-Launch Thoughts and Q&A

Today I launched the first “show” on my TwitchTV channel. Here is the link to the recorded broadcast: In this episode, we cover: The most frequently asked questions for me from Beta Schwag & Giveaway announcement Live Q&A and discussion

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2011 = Bounceback Year for the MMORPG Industry

Back in January 2010, I predicted that Social Gaming may kill the traditional MMORPG industry. This was after the spectacular failures of two huge IPs that launched in late 2008: Warhammer Online (WAR) Age of Conan (AoC) The developers for

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RIFT Cleric PVP Video: Volume 9: M*A*S*H @ 50 Rank 8 in Library of the Runemasters

This HD video is narrated PVP footage of my “M*A*S*H” Justicar/Shaman/Warden Cleric melee healing spec in Patch 1.5 at Rank 8, from a Library of the Runemasters warfront (queued solo). This is my 8th video for M*A*S*H at level 50.

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RIFT World PVP Live Stream: 5-man Guardian Group vs Defiants on Dayblind

Here is a highlight reel from my Twitch.TV World PVP stream from yesterday morning: You can also check out the video on YouTube, but note that the video quality is lower due to codec conversion loss when transferring from

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