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WTF Happened to SWTOR – TaugVlog Ep. 2

The big news for SWTOR this week was the 2nd round of layoffs at BioWare and the exit of Executive Producer Rich Vogel. I break down what’s happened to SWTOR from a business perspective and the gamer’s perspective since the

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The Business Models for MMORPGs Must Evolve

Let’s review what we’ve seen in recent years. In 2008, we witnessed the failure of 2 hugely-hyped titles: Warhammer Online and Age of Conan. Mythic cut 4 of the 6 capital cities and 4 of the 24 classes just before

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BioWare’s SWTOR Team Peaked at Over 650 Team Members

At GDC 2012, I attended the panel on launching SWTOR as a AAA-quality MMORPG hosted by SWTOR Executive Producer Rich Vogel and Director of Production Dallas Dickinson. Massively provided a nice writeup on the panel. There are two takeaways from

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Interview: En Masse Entertainment COO Patrick Wyatt on Bringing TERA to the West

At GDC 2012, I interviewed En Masse Entertainment COO Patrick Wyatt on bringing TERA, a Korean MMORPG game, to the West (North America, Europe). Here are notable segments from our conversation: 1:02: respective roles of the developer (Bluehole Studio, BHS)

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GDC as a Bellweather: the Gaming Industry is Shifting Towards F2P and Cross-Platform

The Game Developers Conference is the world’s largest and longest-running professionals-only game industry event. As the target audience is not the gaming public, the focus and feel of GDC is very different from other recent conferences that we attended, such

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